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Jrother91 21.01.2016 23:21

Johann Jacob Artz

Searching for my ancestor Johann Jacob Artz. I'm pretty sure he was born in Pfalz between 1720-1730. Came to Pennsylvania, USA in 1751 and married Anna Eva Braun, whose parents were from Udenheim, Alzey-Worms. Any information would be really appreciated.

flopster 04.07.2016 13:07


flopster 07.07.2016 15:40

Hello .. I also found this .. however I have I cannot promise it is the right one.

Name: Johann Jacob Artz Art des Ereignisses: Taufe (Baptism) Geburtsdatum: 1. Dez 1729 Taufdatum: 4. Dez 1729 Taufort: Weinheim, Baden, Preußen Vater: Joh. Jacob Artz Mutter: Maria Elisabetha Kirchgemeinde wie angezeigt: Weinheimer Seitennummer: 262;263 Quelle: Evangelische Landeskirche Baden (Germany)Weinheim is in Baden Württemberg (which is next to Pfalz).

acording to ancestry, this is how he immigrated "Came to America on the Ship Neptune, John Mason Commander. They sailed from Rotterdam and arrived at Philadelphia on September 34th, 1751. (Source: Penna German Pioneers, I, pg 459)."

Regards, Eleanor

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