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Marcio Scheibler 24.06.2013 17:38

Help - Marriages in the 18th century,
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This is the marriage of Franz Seibt and Maria Elisabeth Wolf (in the right side, 1774):


The father name of Maria is Elias Wolf. Below is the marriage of Elias (1754):


Both the records appear the Neudorf city. I think is the same Elias Wolf.


Luino VA 24.06.2013 18:08

In this case I don't think so. It is, of course, possible but there would be only 20 years between the father's and the daughter's marriage and that's pretty short. It's possible if the daughter would have been younger than 20 years at the time of her marriage but this don't happens very often. Your Elias in the first record was no widower, which means that he didn't had any (legal) children before.
I would search for Maria Wolf's birth record. If it would be after 1754 and the mother's name is Apolonia you can say for sure that this is the marriae of Maria Wolf's father.


Luino VA

Marcio Scheibler 24.06.2013 19:40

Really, is a short time between the daughter's and the father's marriage (20 years), but is not impossible. Normally women marry earlier.

Someone get to see the father's surname of Apolonia? The first name I think is Christian.


Luino VA 24.06.2013 19:54

The record for the bride is:

Sponsa Apolonia Christiani Elstner legitima filia ex Geigensthal.

You're right the fathers first name is Christian, his surname is Elstner.

The age at the marriage is different from Region to Region. My experience in Western Bohemia and Northern Moravia is that the brides are normally around 22-28 years old at their first marriage. But as I said, it is possible.


Luino VA

Marcio Scheibler 24.06.2013 20:04

Thank you, Luino!!! :danke2:

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