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Hi Christian,

Johann Heinrich Ulrich
Baptism: 1774-07-29

- der Kleinschmidt (Gearsmith) - Christian Ulrich
- Maria Schroeder

- Anna Maria Ulrich, ~ 1777-08-25, Parents Schmied, Meister Johann Heinrich Ulrich & Anna Maria Schröder
- Anna Maria Ulrich, ~ 1779-01-03, Parents: Kleinschmied Johann Heinrich Ulrich & Anna Maria Schroeder
- Joachim Friederich Ulrich, ~ 1780-08-11, Parents: Kleinschmied, Meister Johann Heinrich Ulrich & Anna Maria Schröder
- Anna Elisabeth Ulrich, ~ 1783-03-15, Parents: Kleinschmiedmeister Johann Heinrich Ulrich & Anna Maria Schroeder

The fathers name in the 1774 baptism is just wrong. You may compare the godparents of all my mentioned baptisms and you'll find out, that they all belong together.

The marriage of Johann Heinrich Ulrich and Anna Maria Schröder was 1773-01-15 in Sternberg as well. He was a Bürger (citizen) and Kleinschmied (gearsmith). She was the daughter of the Schlachter (butcher) Joachim Schröder

He was most likely baptismed at 1751-12-19 in Sternberg.

I was not yet able to find Anna Maria Schröders baptism. I'm not sure if the yellow marked word from the marriage is the point of origin of her and her father... I'm not able to clearly transcribe it.

Anna Maria Ulrich, born Schroeder dies at 1789-10-14 as wife of the Kleinschmidt Ulrich. Her age is specified with "around 32". So she was most likely born around 1757

I would guess, that the father Johann Heinrich maried again Elisabeth Pragern in 1793 - he is noted as widdower.
And Johann Heinrich (senior you could say) and Elisabeth Pragern are the parents of your ancestor:

So the 1774 born Johann Heinrich is not directly related to you, but his parents are.... he is just a "half-broter" of your ancestor.
Anna Maria Schröder might not be that important to you after all as she is just the first (but not directlry related) wife of your ancestor.

Best regards,
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