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Hello from Denmark

Previously I got help after writing in English, so hopefully it is OK to do so again.

The last time Kasstor helped me find Mathilde Johanne Marie Locht, born in 23/3 1902 in Hamburg (thank you Thomas!) and her parents Johan Heinrich Sigfried Locht, workman, born May 12, 1858, Frederikshavn, residing Eichholz 86, Hamburg, and Mathilde Charlotte Juliane Haack, parents workman Carl Gustav Ludwig Haack and Dorothea Sophie Lucia Wilhelmine nee Bergmann, married Oct 16, 1901.

Now I have found a possible sister to Mathilde Johanne Marie Locht in Arolsen Archives: Anna Bertha Charlotte Locht, born 5/5 1903 in Hamburg. She is a Danish citizen and with that name and considering the time I find it likely, that they are family. But how to find out more? I hope, you can help again.

Link: https://collections.arolsen-archives.../ad/we/001.jpg

Johan died Feb 15,1913 in Hamburg ( general hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf ).
Mathilde died Feb 5, 1910 in Hamburg ( general hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf ).

Thank you in advance!

Best regards from Denmark

Jeppe Locht
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