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2019/04/07 18:39:05
From: Bonnie Hartmann

Hello to all!

I have been searching for many, many years for information on my great-great-grandmother, Christiane Dorothea HOFFMANN. She was born August 14, 1821 in Norden, immigrated to the U.S. from Bremen around June 12, 1848 and married Andreas "Christoph" Hartmann whom she met on the ship "Belinda" while immigrating. She died in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their children (born in Wisconsin) were baptized in the Lutheran church.

I checked the records of the 3 Lutheran churches in Norden which were microfilmed by the Mormons, also checked the Catholic and Mennonite church records, but found no Hoffmanns listed. I understand there were 3 other Lutheran churches whose records were not filmed by the Mormons, so her family likely belonged to one of them.

I need to find her parents and family, brothers and sisters, family going back, anything! Even the church the family belonged to might be of value.

Can anyone help? I would be so appreciative!
Thank you so much!

Bonnie Hartmann
Southern California near Laguna Beach

I can read a little German... Thank you!
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