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Standard Böthkenwalde - Kreise Bromberg

Hello everyone,
I'm currently gathering information on the village I live in. Now it is called Bytkowice but it was founded by German settlers in 1830s as Kolonie Böthkenwalde (Böthke is probably the name of one of the first settlers). I have done some research on the founding date. The first use of the village name in parish records from local Koronowo parish was a death record from October 1838. In the following years there are many more records so I assume that the village was founded sometime between 1835 and 1838. Here comes my question: is it possible to find what the exact founding date was? Does anyone have a knowledge how the villages in Preussen in XIX c. were settled? Did the local administation issue some kind of official document when the new Colonie was founded? Maybe some document issued for the first settler proving his land ownership? Also where should I search for such document? I assume that it could've been issued by the local administation in Bydgoszcz, but which department took care of such documents? There is a lot of documents for Kreise Bromberg administation from XIX century in the local archives in Bydgoszcz.

Many thanks for any help,

PS. Is there also some possbility to find some pre- 2nd world war pictures of the village? Even later pictures are very scarce.

PS2. If anyone is searching for an information regarding this village or their ancestors in here, please contact me. I can give some help if it is possible.
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Standard Böthkenwalde

Hello Michal,

through Google books I found the following paper "Amtsblatt der königlich preußischen Regierung zu Bromberg" from the year 1859. On site 216 is stated:

By highest cabinet Order, dated 14th of July was approved the Setting-up ot a special Township, which arised from (on the) the sold finance Departement estates of the Town Bromberg, called Böthkenwalde.

Bromberg, 27th of July 1859, royal government, Departement of the Interior

Maybe that helps

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Thank you very much for your help. I've never thought about searching in Google Books. There are some positions where information about Böthkenwalde can be found. Also mentioned "Amtsblatt der königlich preußischen Regierung zu Bromberg" dated 1838 has information about settling the village on 8th October 1838 and this is what I searched for.
Once again many thanks,
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