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Standard Looking for Fusiger family - Brazil

Greetings from Brazil,

My name is Guilherme and I'm tracing back my german acenstors. My father's family name is Fussiger in Brazil but through some research we find out that the fisrt name of the family here in Brazil was written as "Fusiger".

Looking for the first Fusigers in Brazil we found the name Johaness Fusiger born in April - 08 - 1851 in Metzdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz. He died already in Brazil.
We also could find some other names such as Nikolaus Fusiger(birthday unknown), Michael Fusiger (July,4,1811 - Metzdorf,RP) but I was not able to associate them directly to Johaness Fusiger.

I was not able also to find any Fusiger on Germany today. Perhaps the entire familty emigrated to Brazil. They went to the region of Lajeado and Arroio do Meio on southern Brazil.

Anyway, my goal is to find any information about the family's history in Germany.
The only reference to the surname Fusiger I've found on this list:
My sister is working on a family tree with the entire family: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/pe...tails/LB9C-418

If someone knows anything about this family, please let me know.
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Hi Guilherme

Do you know the Website "Auswanderung aus den Regionen des heutigen Rheinland-Pfalz" about he emigration and emigrants from the area of Rheinland-Pfalz?

Emigration from Rheinland to Brazil in the 19th Century.

I don't know which archive holds the records of Metzdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz.
I have just seen that there are at least five places with the name Metzdorf.
But I think you mean Metzdorf in the Landkreis Trier-Saarburg, Rheinland-Pfalz.
Maybe the right writing of the surname Fussiger is Fussinger oder Füssinger.

Meine Website über meine Vorfahren inkl. Linkliste: http://iten-genealogie.jimdo.com/

Interessengemeinschaft Oberbayern http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=38

Interessengemeinschat Unterfranken http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=37

Interessengemeinschaft Sudetendeutsche http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/group.php?groupid=73

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Hi Guilherme,

familysearch has the church book film DGS 008105222 ( 469170) for Mesenich which you can view at a local center of the LDS ( https://www.familysearch.org/locations/ ) Mesenich and Metzdorf are today parts of Langsur https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langsur located at the border between Germany and Luxembourg.
ancestry has only got data from this specific film ( but no photos), which show Michael Fusiger and Angel(ic)a Mueller as parents for:
Nicolaus Fusiger * 24 Sep 1843
Susanna F. * 25..Mar 1845
Michael F. * 21 Jan 1847
Petrus ( in German Peter ) F. *28 Apr 1848
Mathias F. * 22 Sep 1849
Joannes ( in Latin, in German Johannes, but definitely not Johaness) F. * 6 Apr 1851
Mathias F. * 26 Sep 1853 ( probably 1st Mathias died before )

Com os meus melhores cumprimentos

FN Pein (Quickborn vor 1830), FN Hinsch (Poppenbüttel, Schenefeld), FN Holle (Hamburg, Lüchow?), FN Ludwig/Niesel (Frankenstein/Habelschwerdt) FN Tönnies (Meelva bei Karuse-Estland, später Hamburg), FN Lindloff (Altona, Lüneburg, Uelzen)

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Thank you Svenja
I'll look into the bibliography of that website. And I'll try yo find more information about the name Fussinger or Füssinger and it's relation to the imigration here in Brazil.
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Thanks Thomas, the research really traces back to the modern day region of Langsur.
I'll look into those names as well.
Thank you for the help.
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