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Daumen runter halbpersönliche Nachrichten, Vorschussbetrug (Scam)

Dear [#persönliche_Anrede],
Thank you for responding to my message, I am happy reading from a person with the last name of my late client [#Verwandter_der_Zielperson_1].

I had contacted you earlier through an informal and unsecured public interaction medium, as there appears to be no choice left for me in reaching possible members of my late client's extended family. This did not make me feel comfortable disclosing much information on my purpose of contacting you. As I intend to communicate to you, my late client made an investment involving a sum of 6.8 million U.S. dollar initial deposit (funds set aside for his business) in a fixed deposit with a commercial bank since 1995.
I was contacted by the bank after the death of my late client to locate members of his extended family who could be the beneficiary or trustee of his abandoned personal assets. More so, I have received official letters in the past weeks, suggesting proceedings for confiscation of his deposited funds in accordance with the existing laws, as it is assumed that no member of his extended family is alive. After an exhaustive search through the embassy and on professional consideration, I engaged a wide search with the assistance of an insider with the office of the Chambers of Commerce here in Hong Kong, to locate a credible person with this last name, who could apply for the release of these funds. I have contacted you for professional consideration, as I know that you will be able to make this claim successfully and legitimately without any form of complications.
I am here saying that the procedure to be adopted in pursuing this claim is 100% legal. All I ask of you is to go about this claim as I will advise and we will be glad for this shortly. I propose that 40% of the net sum will accrue to you at the conclusion of this deal in so far as I do not incur further expenses. I will appreciate a verbal communication with you, so we can discuss in details. Please forward me your telephone number and advise on your schedule, so I know the best time to call you.

Hallo Welt,
Bemerkenswert ist die richtige persönliche Anrede und das Abstellen auf das pesönliche Umfeld das Adressaten,
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... und das Abstellen auf das pesönliche Umfeld das Adressaten
Was dank Facebook & Co. heutzutage noch einfacher herauszufinden und für solche Zwecke auszunutzen geworden ist.

Danke für die Warnung!

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Zitat von Christian Benz Beitrag anzeigen

Was dank Facebook & Co. heutzutage noch einfacher herauszufinden und für solche Zwecke auszunutzen geworden ist.

Danke für die Warnung!
Da brauchst's kein böses Facebook zu, dieses Forum reicht völlig. Was die Leute hier an Privat-Infos reinstellen, ist mir völlig unbegreiflich.
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betrug , scam , vorschussbetrug

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