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My name is Adam. I’m sorry but I don’t speak German. However, my 3x great-grandmother, Anne Elizabeth Miller, was ethnically German. She was born in Lincoln in 1849, the daughter of Henry Miller and Elizabeth White, who were musicians. They had married in an area of the town of Grantham in 1848, and spent most of their lives in Newark, Nottinghamshire, with Henry dying there in 1898 and Elizabeth in 1890.

I don’t know when they came to England. There is a record in 1840 for a Heinrich Müller arriving at Dover, who was a musician. However, death and census records would make him about 12 at that time. I don’t know anymore about Elizabeth.

Both Henry and Elizabeth were born in Germany. On the 1891 Census, Henry says he was born in Prussia. There is also a Matthias Müller born c. 1830 living in Newark at the same time, who was a musician. His father was Frederick, a bricklayer. I suspect he is probably a cousin of Henry due to the identical trades of their fathers and them having the same job themselves.

The 1848 marriage record gives Henry’s father as John, a bricklayer, and Elizabeth’s father is given as Francis, a carpenter. I should add that the marriage was in a Protestant church, and all but one child were christened at Protestant churches - one was christened at a Roman Catholic church in Newark in 1854.

Henry appears to have been born around 1828, and Elizabeth in about 1821. Obviously their names were Anglicised on all but one record I’ve seen (the Catholic christening which recorded Henry as Müller), so the original German form would be Heinrich Müller, son of Johan, and Elisabeth Weiss, daughter of Franz.

I know it’s a lot to ask with such common surnames, but I’d appreciate any help!

Best wishes,

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