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Standard Bochum - family of Johannes Rein (1915-1945)

Hello fellow genealogists,

I am searching for more information about the family Rein from Bochum.

My great-grandfather was called Johannes Helmut Wilhelm Rein, born on October 1, 1915 in Bochum, his last known adress was Castropher Strasse 54, Bochum. He was studying to become a goldschmied. He served as feldwebel in the Wehrmacht. He died in Niendorf/Ostsee on May 4 or 14, 1945. (I got this information from WAST and Deutsches Rottes Kreuz)

His father was called Joseph Rein and his job was brauer; he died probably between 1962-1967.
His mother was called Auguste Rein, born Sedlaczek, possibly from Zlin, (today Czech Republic), she died probably between 1950-1965).
He had at least two siblings, but I don't know their names.

I would be very grateful if any of you could possibly find more information about this part of my family, especially about the parents (born, married, died). It would be nice if you could give me at least an advice where to search and who should I ask.

I am learning German but so far it is not good enough to search on my own like a professional, so please have patience with me
I am stuck in a dead-end with this part of my family tree and I think you can help me a lot.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Ondrej Herudek
Köberwitz (Oberschlesien), Tschechische Republik
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The communal archive of Bochum should be able to help you with your request. You can send an e-mail in English.
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Hello Ondre,

you can find the Indeces of the Standesamt Bochum here:
Geburten - birthe
Heiraten - Marriages
Tod - Death


Josef Rein died 13.03.1962 (StA Bochum Mitte 594/1962)


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