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Standard langermanns Mecklenburg

Hallo, I am looking for help with the geneaology of the Langermann/Von Langermann family in Mecklenburg. I believe my ancestor Friedrich (Christian?) Langermann came from this family. He left from Hildesheim Germany and went to the Cape, South Africa as a VOC soldier in 1773. I believe he would have been maybe in his twenties, possibly born 1740s to 1750s. Any help would be really appreciated as our family has been trying to make the connection back to Germany for many years.
Best wishes Melissa, Australia
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Hello Melissa,
What makes you think that your Friedrich (Christian?) Langermann is originally from Mecklenburg? Hildesheim is (and was even more so back then) quite far away from Mecklenburg. If you didn't do it yet, start looking in Hildesheim and surrounding area.

Right now you are looking for the famous needle in the hay stack. Start at the end! Find his death date and most likely you will find his age or birthday. Maybe it even mentiones the place of birth.

Good luck!
Viele Grüße,
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Standard Langermans Mecklenburg

Hi Melanie, thanks for your reply,
I know my relative was linked to the Mecklenburg Langermanns as we have the identical family crest. The same family names were also continued in my family.
I believe his family or himself may have been living in Hildesheim when he joined the VOC but it does not necessarily indicate his place of birth.
Unfortunately his death certificates do not indicate his date of birth, place of birth or relatives. I have his will from South Africa but there is no indication in that either!
And because he joined the VOC with a letter of debt rather than one which gave money to relatives that was a dead end too!!!
Yes it is a needle in a haystack, I am just hoping somebody may have stumbled across a solution somewhere!
Rgds, Melissa
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Standard Suche Langermann

ich kann nun leider nur auf Deutsch einen Hinweis geben.
Ich Kannte eine Familie Langermann in Wohlenberg.Der Ort
liegt zwischen Wismar und Klütz an der Lübecker Bucht.
Vielleicht hilft es ja.

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