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Standard Modjesko - Sangerin (1878-19??)

Ich suche nach Informationen über Claudius Modjesko (* 26.12.1878 in South Carolina, Edward Claude Thompson), einen populären Sänger und Imitator in Europa von 1899 bis 1914.

Modjesko war in Berlin ansässig, wurde aber während des Ersten Weltkriegs nach Ägypten verlegt. Ich hoffe, mehr Informationen über seine Zeit in Deutschland zu finden. Wo er lebte und andere Informationen.
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Standard Edward Claude Thompson - CV

Born Edward Claude Thompson, December 26th, 1878 in Beaufort, South Carolina to former slave parents. Spending much of his childhood in squalid conditions and possibly helping his parents working the fields in nearby plantations as sharecroppers. In the late summer of 1893, the Sea Islands Hurricane devastated the Southeastern coast of the United States. Claude's hometown of Beaufort was especially hit hard, wiping out the plantation fields and leaving much of the African-American community out of work.

In 1894, Claude began singing and dancing in the Minstrel shows touring across the South eventually making his way to New York by 1898. During the summer of 1899, Claude received the opportunity to travel to London with the Negro minstrel troupe Turner's Pickaninnies, also travelling with the troupe was the comedy duo Fish & Quigg. Opening at the Alhambra Theatre (Jul.29, 1899), he was approached by Fish & Quigg to accompany them on the rest of their European tour. Following the close of their British appearance, Claude traveled with the duo into Milan's Eden Theater (September), Budapest (October), Vienna (December), Berlin's Scale Theater (January?). The duo's tour ended in Hamburg (March 1900), as they boarded a ship back for New York.

However, Claude remained in Berlin as a female impersonator, adopting the personality of the soprano singing 'Modjesko'. His first major appearances were during his 1902 Scandinavian tour: Copenhagen's Royal Theater (Mar.17-23), Olso's Circus-Variete (Apr.7-May 6), Stockholm (Oct.2-Dec.31) which were possibly organized by a German Impresario. Based in Germany for two and half years, Modjesko's popularity rose further, and 'she' embarked into full European tour (1905-1907). Throughout the tour, he performed songs written for him by the Afro-American composer Harry M. Wellmon (such as Brazilian Beauty and My Blue-eyed Jane), which he may have also recorded. Beginning the tour in Belgium, Modjesko traversed Nine (or more) countries:

Brussels- Zomerpaleis (Jun.24-29, 1905)
Paris- Olympia Musichall (Aug.16-Sep.11) *Featuring Mata Hari
Russia (?)
De Haag- Scala Theatre (Dec.19)
Paris- Alhambra Musichall (Feb.28-Mar.15, 1906)
Dortmund- Olympic Theater (Mar.24)
Rome (Apr.18)
Dusseldorf- Apollotheater (May 25)
Greece (?)
Turkey (?)
London- Hammersmith Palace Theatre (Jul.27-Aug.20)
Brixton (Aug.24-25)
Oxford- Chelsea Palace Theatre (Sep.14-21)
London- Metropolitan Theatre (Sep.28-Oct.4)
London- Royal Standard Theatre (Oct.5-6)
Hamburg- Flora Kabarett (Nov.1-4)
Rotterdam- Circus Variete (Dec.14)
Brussels- Zomerpaleis (May 24-Jun.5, 1907)

In late-October of 1907, Oscar Hammerstein invited Modjesko to return to the United States to appear in with the Manhattan Opera Company. Renting a room on 253 West 30th Street, he prepared for his first performance in America in eight years. Opening mid-November at the Central Park Monkey House, alongside Algerian-born tenor Leon Cazauran, the show received plenty of positive reviews. Unfortunately, Cazauran was known for running after women and young children (he had been arrested the year before). Detective JJ Cain, believing Cazauran was up to no good, arrested him, and when Modjesko tried to come to his defense, he too was arrested. Both were kept in jail, fined $10 and dropped from the rest of the Central Park engagement. However they were back onstage in the production of "Thais" at the Manhattan Opera House two weeks later. Already upset with the discrimination, the Central Park incident made Modjesko lose interest in remaining in the New York. He wrote home to South Carolina, where he discovered a devastating fire had ravaged much of the coast. In December, after several weeks at the Opera, boarded the next ship back home to France.

Back in Paris, Modjesko in his full regalia opened at the Theatre La Scala (Jan.23, 1908), receiving raving reviews for his performance. During the course of his performances, he was introduced to the Flemish painter, Kees Van Dongen who wished to paint his portrait. This resulted in one of Van Dongen's most well known paintings. Afterwards, Modjesko departed for a quick tour in Belgium, Holland and Hungary. By 1910, seems to Modjesko have relocated permanently to Austria-Hungary, touring frequently between Budapest, Vienna and even Bucharest, Romania. In the fall of 1911, he even made an appearance in Montreal, Canada. Returning to Paris in the late summer of 1913 to organize a theatrical troupe, Modjesko could see the mounting tensions, especially as much of Eastern Europe was deep in political conflict preventing his tours there. In the summer of 1914, just before the outbreak of WWI, Modjesko escaped with his troupe through Switzerland and Italy heading south to the exotic Egypt.

Establishing a residence in Cairo, he performed his exotic repertoire across Egypt and the Ottoman Empire, where he remained throughout the war entertaining (and forming romances) with numerous Princes, Sultans and Sheikhs. When the British Protectorate of Egypt began to fall apart during the 1918-19 Egyptian Revolution, Modjesko relocated in 1920 for a few months to Beirut (Jan.23-May 11) performing across the desert before returning to Cairo mid-summer. Afterwards Modjesko disappears, his passport mentions his plans to traveling to India, Australia and New Zealand.

Quellen | Black Jazz Artists (Blog) | Passport Photos by Puzzlemaster (Flickr) |

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Informationen aus den Berliner Adressbüchern zwischen (1905-1908) und den Einwohnern der Mauerstrasse 89

Dort lebte 1906 ein afroamerikanischer Sopranist, Claudius Modjesko. Ich suche mehr Informationen über das Gebäude und die Bewohner.
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